Tips For Buying Beautiful Jewelry As An Investment

diamond ringIt is always a sad story to invest in a beautiful piece of jewelry only to be disappointed later that it failed to hold its value the way the buyer had hoped.

The first consideration when investing in jewelry needs to be how much the buyer enjoys the piece as opposed to the potential for making money by selling it at a later date. Many people buy jewelry to make a statement, as an accessory for completing an outfit, and for marking a milestone. When buying beautiful jewelry as an investment, here are three important considerations.

1. Material

The materials from which jewelry is made should be one of the first and major considerations when assessing its value. For diamond jewelry, stones over 1 carat usually hold value better than those under 1 carat total weight. Carat, color, clarity, and cut are the 4 Cs that should always be considered. When it comes to the cut, standard types are better than the newer and trendy cuts. Color and clarity are more important in diamonds than size or carat.

2. Workmanship

While precious stones including diamonds are usually an important consideration when buying jewelry, the quality of construction and metals used are equally important. Platinum might currently be cheaper than gold but platinum pieces are usually more expensive than their gold counterparts since it is harder to work with than gold. However, in spite of its higher retail value, it cannot hold its value on the secondary market as gold can. Watch out for hallmarks indicative of the metal’s composition. For gold pieces, higher carat pieces such as 14 carat or 18 carat will hold value better than 10 carat pieces.

Quality construction indicative of the jeweler’s workmanship is equally important. For example, an intricate ring setting will tend to hold its value over time.

3. Brand

Some of the big names in the jewelry industry such as Patak Philippe, Rolex, Tiffany & Co., and Cartier have a higher likelihood of retaining value over time than others, Some of the brands usually associated with costume jewelry such as Judith Leiber, and Chanel, usually have a higher market value even when they are not made of diamonds or precious metals.

The three tips discussed in this article will help to ensure that one buys the best quality jewelry that will hold its value the longest. Consider the three tips when investing in jewelry.

When it comes to buying beautiful jewelry, it is always advisable to buy jewelry that is meaningful to the buyer – a pair of diamond stud earrings just for the sake of it, an intricate ring to commemorate a family event, or even a statement watch to mark a career milestone.

Invest in jewelry that will be enjoyed for a long time that can be someday passed on to loved ones or people cared for deeply. It is rarely an investment that can pay high dividends. Instead, consider the jewelry as the best platform to highlight a person’s style.