Top Reasons To Invest In Black Gold Jewelry

Black Ring With DiamondWhile there may be a variety of reasons to invest in black gold jewelry, many individuals choose this type of gold for its unique characteristics. Since white, rose and yellow gold rings have become so common over the years, a black gold ring is a real attention-grabber and is more likely to be noticed for those individuals who would like to show off their investment.

The color of black gold is derived through a plating-process that uses rhodium in order to color standard yellow or white gold into black. Due to the fact that this is a type of plating process, the black will wear off over time. For this reason it is advisable to wear black gold pieces occasionally to ensure the plating offers many years of use.

The Value Of Black Gold

The prices associated with gold continue to increase, so for those interested in buying jewelry for investment purposes, fine metals like gold, silver and even black gold is seen as a good choice. It is of importance to know that black gold holds the same value of the gold underneath the plating and will not be worth less due to the plating process.

The Description Of Black Gold

The actual term “black gold” is typically well-known as a type of poetic description that is related to oil or coal deposits, whereby finding them is equal to “striking gold” in relation to becoming wealthy. However, today black gold jewelry is a type of precious metal and is becoming an increasingly popular choice for a number of consumers across the globe.

How Is Black Gold Made?

Unlike the various color variations associated with normal gold, the black gold is not created using alloy processes. Instead the appearance is derived from various techniques that usually include controlled oxidation, heat treatment, electroplating or external coatings. The hue related to the original gold and the technique used to color the metal will be the determining factor on how deep the black color will become.

One of the more common methods to create black gold used today would be electroplating. This process involves the addition of a specific layer called a patina. The electroplating with ruthenium or rhodium is the most common that often starts with 18 karat white-gold and up.
Many individuals ask why a precious metal such as gold should be blackened. Even though this type of jewelry is not to every individuals taste, it is however undeniably unusual as well as striking.

Various buyers as well as jewelry designers enjoy the contrast it is able to achieve when used with various types of stones and other metals. In fact many jewelers will agree that black gold seems to work incredibly well to set off a diamond in an engagement ring as it really shows off the stones sparkle and beauty. Alternatively it works well as a type of contrasting metal when used with a metal such as platinum, yellow gold and especially white gold.