What You Should Know About Gold Plated Jewelry

3d rendering of a gold diamond ringNearly every person is aware of what the value and what gold jewelry is, but many are not so sure of what it means for jewelry to be plated. Gold plated jewelry is associated with a large difference in the price one will pay for such pieces when compared to solid ones.

What Is Plating?

Typically, the process of plating involves a metal or jewelry piece that will be covered using a thin layer of a type of metal such as gold. An example of this would be a silver or copper ring that features a thin layer of gold would be known and then sold as a gold plated ring.

Gold plated jewelry will always cost significantly less than its solid gold counterparts. For this reason if the amount of money spent on jewelry is an important factor, plated jewelry is an affordable option for those who are unable to afford the costs related to solid pieces.

The Downside Of Plated Jewelry

As one may expect, choosing the cheaper choice of plated jewelry comes with a few disadvantages. To begin with, plating that covers the jewelry will eventually wear away. To ensure the piece lasts longer, it is advisable to choose thicker plating. However, when the metal below the plating becomes exposed there is the option available to get the piece re-plated. Re-plating can be costly for particular metals such as rhodium or gold and in some cases it may be more viable to replace the piece with a new one.

Other consideration include that if the piece of jewelry features a number of moving parts such as bracelet or necklace, the more complex it becomes to plate the piece again. The duration of how long this plating will remain intact will be dependent on the design, the thickness of the plating as well as how frequently the piece of jewelry is worn.

When To Consider The Option Of Plated Jewelry

Plated jewelry may be associated with a few shortcomings, but should not be the contributing factor as to why it should not be an option. Plated jewelry is the ideal choice if the wearer does not intend to use the jewelry on a daily basis. For example, if the wearer is interested in wearing a gold plated ring for special occasions, the plated option is a more affordable choice. However, if the piece of jewelry is intended for daily use such as a wedding band or engagement ring, it is far better to choose a solid piece that will be able to withstand daily wear and tear.

Before investing in any type of plated jewelry, it is advisable to find out about the exact metals that the piece contains. For example, if a person happened to be allergic to the metal nickel, and the ring contained this metal below the plating, the skin would be exposed to these allergens as soon as the plating begins to wear off. Plated jewelry is an affordable choice but should be chosen with care in regards to how the pieces were made as well as what they contain.